Facts and figures

Population : 44,000

Size area : 103.85 km² (including Stedtfeld, Neuenhof-Hörschel, Wartha-Göringen, Stregda, Madelungen, Neukirchen, Berteroda, Hötzelsroda and Stockhausen)
- forest: 37.52 km²
- agricultural land: 45.39 km²
- built-up areas: 7.44 km²
- transportation: 6.10 km²
- commercial and industrial areas: 1.12 km²

Founded : 1067 (Start of the building of the Wartburg Castle according to ancient stories)

Rivers : Werra, Hörsel, Nesse

Eisenach's landmark is Wartburg Castle

Birthplace of Johann Sebastian Bach
Car manufacturing town
Start of the Rennsteig hiking trail in Eisenach-Hörschel
Men's handball team in the 2nd division of the national league

Central location in the heart of Germany and Europe
A medium-sized town that has some of the functions of a major town

Centre for industry and a town with a strong car manufacturing tradition specialising in vehicle manufacturing, vehicle electronics and electrical engineering

Numerous sights and monuments reflecting the life and work of great poets , musicians and famous figures in German history and science

Twin towns : Marburg (Hessen, Germany) since 1988, Sedan (France) since 1991, Waverly/Iowa (USA) since 1992, Skanderborg (Denmark) since 1993, Mogilew (Belarus) since 1996, Sarospatak (Hungary) since 2008

Travel information:
A4 main east-west route via Bad Hersfeld to the Rhine-Main area
B7 intersection towards Kassel and the Ruhr area
B19 Eisenach - southern Thuringia - Bavaria
B84 northern Thuringia - Hessen
B88 Eisenach - Thuringian Forest
Main railway line Frankfurt/Main - Erfurt - Berlin
InterCityExpress services
Eisenach-Kindel airfield for aircraft up to 20 tonnes and helicopters (10km from Eisenach)
Erfurt airport (60km from Eisenach)

Total no. of established businesses: approx. 4,000
Industrial companies: approx. 110
Craft companies: approx. 490
Trade companies: approx. 1,260
Service companies: approx. 2,100
Hotels and catering: approx. 220
Trading and industrial estates in the Eisenach area
Eisenach-Ost: Güldene Aue, 5.5 hectares
Eichrodter Weg: 11.5 hectares
Eisenach-Mitte: AWE main car plant (new), 10.2 hectares
AWE main car plant (old), 5.6 hectares
Eisenach-West: "Auf dem Gries" industrial zone, 38.0 hectares
Eisenach-Nord: Wartenberg industrial zone, 44.8 hectares
Stedtfeld: Im Eisenacher Felde, 11.0 hectares
Hötzelsroda: An der Dürrenhofer Allee, 8.3 hectares
Stregda: An der Leite, 18.0 hectares
Stockhausen: Gewerbegebiet Nord, 26.6 hectares

Catering / tourism:
256 restaurants, incl. 58 speciality restaurants
8 cafés with 675 covers
18 hotels with 1,679 beds
4 bed & breakfast hotels with 83 beds
10 guesthouses with 163 beds
3 inns with 56 beds
4 holiday homes with 14 beds
13 holiday apartments with 49 beds
1 walkers' hostel with 8 beds
1 farmhouse with 14 beds
23 private rooms with 107 beds
1 youth hostel with 102 beds

Conference facilities:
Fully equipped meeting rooms in various hotels with capacity for up to 120 people,
Civic centre with capacity for up to 300 people,
Congress centre with capacity for up to 3,000 people
Sights /cultural attractions:
Wartburg Castle, Bach's House, Luther's House, Thuringian Museum with Prediger Church (exhibition of medieval religious carvings) and Reuter Wagner Museum, Pump room, St. George's Church, Automobile Museum, Golden Lion memorial to the German workers' congress, municipal library with childrens' library, environmental library, Eisenach State Theatre, "Old Malthouse" cultural centre, 5-screen cinema

Bach memorial, Luther memorial, physicians memorial, Carl Alexander memorial, sandstone sculpture of St. George (on top of the market fountain), student fraternity monument, Wingolf monument

Sports and leisure facilities:
"An der Katzenaue" sports and leisure centre incl. Werner Assmann Hall, indoor and outdoor pool, sauna, solarium, shooting range, bowling alley, Wartburg stadium, Rennsteig walkers' lodge in Eisenach-Hörschel - start of the Rennsteig trail, other indoor sports halls, "Johannistal" tennis centre

Municipal youth clubs:
"Alte Posthalterei" centre for children and young people
"Eierclub" centre for children and young people
Schools and daycare centres
1 university of cooperative education
7 primary schools, 5 intermediate schools
3 grammar schools (1 church-run grammar school)
2 special schools
1 vocational school with four sites
1 medical school
2 music schools
1 art school
1 adult education centre
17 daycare centres (4 municipal, 13 private)
1 Waldorf school

1 hospital: St. Georg Klinikum

Administration and politics:

Mayor : Matthias Doht

Honorary members:
Town council: mayor and 36 elected members